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Taken from the book 'Il Chianti di villa in villa' - Author: Prof. Lorenzo Bosi - Scopeto

“A long avenue of box trees, carefully shaped, leads to the ancient complex of Scopeto.  At the start of the year 1000 the place was part of the holdings of  Siena’s cathedral and then became the property of the Sozzini family which maintained it to its extinction in the last century”.

In the early 1300s we find Sozzinis who were members of the high judiciary of the Republic of Siena but it was only towards the end of the 15th century, and during the 16th century, that Cornelio, Dario, Lelio, Camillo and Fausto enthusiastically embraced the Reformation, lighting in the numerous Academies that spark of heresy that later provoked the rage and energetic reaction of the Holy Office.

And so Scopeto  became a meeting place for those who accepted the new ideas and, after being involved in the hostilities that led to the fall of the flourishing Medici Republic and, with Fausto Sozzini,  became the hub of the new theological conferences.  The earliest suspicion of heresies date back to 1558 and led to a inquisition involving all the members of the family; both Cornelio and Dario were arrested in the villa in Scopeto while  Camillo and Fausto managed to flee. During the trial Fausto went abroad and took refuge in Geneva while his property in Italy, including the Scopeto villa, was confiscated by the Holy Office.

And so the tower and the other buildings on the large square are linked to this family, to whom we also owe the first transformation of the villa in Scopeto and in particular the Medieval bridge house and the adjacent unit.

The rectangular tower sill has the original base and the robust slanted defensive wall while the upper level underwent various modifications with the exception of the northern side with the lowered arched windows and the archers’ windows at the top. 

Other buildings, used for the farm, overlook the square and both inside and outside they have maintained their original character with each  of the rooms and areas showing their  original uses which were dictated more by  a patriarchal rather than a modern style of agriculture.

During the most recent restoration some of the rooms in the villa were frescoed with skilfully-applied 17th and 18th-century floral decorations.

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