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DIY beauty remedies - how to take care of your body at home like in a Spa 2

DIY beauty remedies - how to take care of your body at home like in a Spa

Sometimes it happens that we need a specific treatment for our body but we don't have the time to go to a beauty center or a Spa, or we have run out of a specific product and we realize we have forgotten to buy it back, but we would not want to give up those few moments that we dedicate to our personal care. Fortunately, when we find ourselves in these situations, we have a powerful ally to help: the house! Anyone of us owns basic products that we use in the kitchen at home. So let's see the easiest DIY beauty remedies to take care of your body like in a Spa.

Sea salt

The first of the ingredients we all have at home is sea salt. This is practically the basis of all the more or less luxurious treatments and compresses on the market. Salt is rich in minerals, in fact it has exfoliating and draining cosmetic properties, as well as anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-fatigue therapeutic properties.

Salt baths

An example of an effective do-it-yourself treatment is the salt bath; just dissolve 1 kg of salt in hot water in the bathtub and immerse yourself for about 30 minutes, or take a foot bath in a basin, to immediately feel more relaxed. Furthermore, breathing its exhalations is also good for the bronchi.

Salt and oil scrub

This exfoliating treatment is suitable for those with very dry skin. Mixed with olive oil you can get a scrub to be applied to the body on dry skin and then removed in the shower. After the shower it is recommended to apply a nourishing cream such as our olive and sage cream.


Coffee, on the other hand, is an excellent ally for fighting inflammation. In fact, caffeine has anti-inflammatory, energizing and toning properties.

Coffee scrub

This scrub is very delicate and is great for those with circulatory problems such as water retention or cellulite. Perfect to apply even in case of ingrown hair on delicate areas such as armpits and private parts. Just take the exhausted coffee powder or the inside of the pods and mix it with a base cream or a draining cream and apply it on the body to dry skin. Remove in the shower and then apply a draining cream such as our grape and cypress cream.

Here's how to take care of your body at home as in the Spa. Did you already know these do-it-yourself beauty remedies?

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