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Borgo Scopeto according to the staff - Antonino 2

Borgo Scopeto according to the staff - Antonino

Today in our column “Borgo Scopeto according to the staff” we talk to the ''father'' of Borgo Scopeto, the one who has taken care of it from the beginning of its hospitality life. Let’s know Antonino.

Antonino is originally from Formia (Latina), but has lived in Tuscany for 22 years and has been our Maintenance Manager for 17 years. We call him "the father of Borgo Scopeto" because it is like a son to him.

What is your favorite place of the Borgo?

As much as I love every corner of it, if I really have to choose one, I would say the avenue of cypresses that gives access to the relais. Walking it is always an emotion for me, even if I have been walking it every day for many years, it gives a perfect sense of what will soon appear before our eyes... Try it to believe it!

The most beautiful view or landscape in your opinion?

The most beautiful view in my opinion is the one that can be seen from the garden behind the Spa, looking towards the lavender field we admire the Val D'Orcia and Mount Amiata, for me it’s the top.

What activities would you suggest that the hotel offers (inside and out)?

In the hotel I would suggest dedicating yourself to relaxation and tasting the excellent wines we produce while outside the relais I would recommend a nice bike ride, available in the structure, in order to better savor the scent of the landscape that surrounds us.

Surroundings to visit?

In the surroundings of the relais, I recommend visiting the small village of Vagliagli, dating back to the 13th century, it is a corner of the world where you can breathe the flavor of the Middle Ages and enjoy a breathtaking landscape, and, right outside the small characteristic cemetery, I recommend lingering under the large tree to have a snack and be enchanted by the surrounding landscape.

Which wine do you prefer from our cellars?

My favorite wine is definitely the “Borgonero”, a thick Supertuscan which among other things is made with grapes from a vineyard that I have in front of my house in Cagliano and which I see grow and ripen in the sun all year round.

A dish from the La Tinaia restaurant?

One of my favorite dishes, prepared by our Chef, is definitely the raw amberjack from the Tyrrhenian Sea, with green gazpacho granita and panzanella, an explosion of balanced flavors that together offer a unique tasty experience.

What do you think of the Borgo Scopeto Relax Spa? Are there any treatments or cosmetics you prefer?

I use the available Spa products every day, natural and short, after trying them the first time I can't live without them.

Did you like our Antonino's point of view? Let us know by commenting on the post on Facebook!

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