Wine Therapy A sensorial path between unique fragrances that wrap the body in a real grape nectar
From Chalice to Essence: beauty testing with our face cosmetic lines Chianti or Brunello.  25 Minutes
Wine Candle massage: a lit up candle which becomes a soothing balm with vine extract. 50 Minutes
Bacchus Bath: bath with grape must extracts for a regenerated and firm skin, tasting one of our precious wines, selected by our Maitre. 40 Minutes
Chianti Vintage: beauty and relief for tired muscles. Exfoliation with sugar and grapes and a relaxing grape seed massage, to revitalize and tone. 1 Hour 15 Minutes
Nectar of the Gods: The Sangiovese grape treatment is inspired by an ancient ritual of body care with specific antioxidant properties. The Bacchus bath and the red vine extracts oil massage, to moisturize and counteract the aging signs. 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Berber Ritual: the ancient culture virtues of this purification practice were kept during time. The body gets purified with a particular Kessa glove and then revitalized with the Berber massage with Argan oil. 1 Hour 30 Minutes.
Gold of Tuscany:  We enclosed the extraordinary fruit properties of the olive tree in our cosmetic line Olive and Sage, as a gift for the beauty and health of the skin to repair, nourish and tone, making it radiant and elastic. The Dead See salt scrub with extra virgin aromatic olive oil and the nourishing and relaxing massage make this ritual so unique. 1 Hour 30 Minutes.


Face Beauty
Purity: removes skin impurities, makes your skin breath and helps the cellular turn over. The skin appears brighter and smoother. 45 Minutes
Aquae: the skin needs water, if it is missing the face loses its natural glow. The treatment restores the right moisture balance and long-lasting hydration. 45 Minutes
Ageless: to clear, prevent, improve the aging signs, mature skin needs to be feed and moisturized, but especially stimulated. The skin gets an extraordinary elasticity and firmness. 45 Minutes
Sensitive: soft and delicate textures for a soothing and protective action of microcirculation, bringing back the skin to its ideal microclimate. 45 Minutes


Body Harmony
Sugar and Grape Nectar Scrub: the skin regenerates reaching all its beauty through a gentle massage with an exfoliating mask of sugar and Chianti parfumes, making it fresh and toned. 50 Minutes
Dead Sea Salt Scrub: salt's draining properties help to remove dead cells and toxins, deeply regenerating the skin, making it especially soft and smooth. 50 Minutes
Light Legs: wrapping with three clays mud and a massage of the lower limbs, to effectively counter the heaviness of legs, to reach a priceless feeling of lightness. 1 Hour 15 Minutes
Back Detox-Antistress: for a total well-being of the back, where normally most tension is accumulated. Scrub, clay and anti-stress massage to purify and melt tension. 50 Minutes


The Art of Massage
“Touch comes before sight, before speech. It is the first language and the last, and it always tells the truth” M. Atwood.
Swedish: traditional massage, relaxing, invigorating and draining, loosening muscle tension for a rewarding well-being. 50 Minutes
Californian: the long slow movements, rhythmic and enveloping, accompany you on a journey discovering your own body and lead you into a deep relaxation. 1 Hour 15 Minutes
Hot stone: the heat of lava stones, spread throughout whole body, relieves muscle tightness eases stress and improves joint mobility. 1 Hour
Back and Neck: specifically for these areas of your body which accumulate most muscle tension. Ideal after a long trip. 30 Minutes
Deep Massage: deep dexterity to dissolve contractures. The hand, thumb, forearm and elbow become the tools to do a slow, deep and detailed massage, working on the points of tension. 50 Minutes
Aroma Touch: the beauty of this massage is the wise use of essential and vegetable oils for therapeutic effects on both, mind and body. 50 Minutes
New Life: nobody needs care and attention more than a mother to be. The ideal massage for loosing tensions, drain liquid excess and give relief to the foot that supports the most weight. 50 Minutes
Head Massage: soothing anxiety, stress, migraine and cervical pain with a head, face, neck and shoulder treatment. 25 Minutes
Physiotherapeutic Massage: 50 minutes


Last Touches
Hands 40 Minutes
Feet 1 Hour
Gel manicure
Gel pedicure

Mindful massage:
breathing and visualization treatment to become aware of oneself inside the space. 30 minutes
all the benefits of traditional shiatsu carried out by floating in the water. The treatment takes place in a whirpool tub where the therapist relieves joint tension. 50 minutes
Spa Aperitif:
Small aperitif with wine chosen by the Maître and local products selected by the Chef during the foot massage with red wine exfoliation scrub. 35 minutes

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