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What to do in autumn in Tuscany - 5 ideas 2

What to do in autumn in Tuscany - 5 ideas

Our suggestions for an unforgettable autumn

In our previous article we talked about the Eroica, one of the events in Tuscany that mark the beginning of the autumn season and the activities that can be done in this period. We then collected our thoughts a little and thought about what to do in autumn in Tuscany. Here are five ideas for you.

1. Take part in the seasonal harvest

Undoubtedly an activity that makes you immerse yourself in the spirit of the place and share an experience with the inhabitants of that place. Seasonal collections are a great way to browse your surroundings, get outdoors, meet new people (and get a good workout!). In Tuscany there are many structures that offer this type of experience; let's see some of them.


From the end of September until the beginning of October it is harvest time, the grape harvest to produce wine. To experience firsthand how our nectar of the Gods is obtained, you can visit the wineries in the area and ask to be able to take part. Depending on availability, it is possible to assist the operators in the vineyard by picking a bunch or two, or to “press” the wine with your feet, as it was once done, and conclude it all with a tasting of the previous vintages.


From October to November, the olives are harvested to produce the extra virgin olive oil that everyone envies us. Often it is the same companies where wine is produced that also offer the experience of olive harvesting. The olives can be harvested manually, but it is a very time-consuming operation or using a mechanical rake. The olives are deposited on special nets that will be used to transport them to the collection baskets and then taken to the mill. Some companies have the ability to independently crush the oil, so the lucky ones will be able to watch the pressing live and taste the freshly produced oil.

Mushrooms and truffles

Picking mushrooms and truffles is also an experience not to be missed in Tuscany. The provinces of Siena and Pisa in particular are famous for their precious truffles. In Siena, in the Crete Senesi and in Pisa in the San Miniato area. But be careful, going for mushrooms and truffles is a practice that can only be carried out accompanied by experts, with an eligibility card that is issued by the local municipality.

Chestnuts and walnuts

This is a fun activity that you can do without the need for an expert. All you need is a container and the desire to take a nice walk in the woods, admiring the most mountainous landscapes of the region. To collect the typical fruits of the autumn season, just plan a nice trip out of town in Mugello, in the province of Florence, on Monte Amiata, between the provinces of Siena and Pisa or Monte Pisano.

2. Eat at village festivals

What better way to taste what is harvested in season than to eat at a village festival! Festivals with the most renowned local products take place throughout Tuscany for weeks. Generally, they take place in small hamlets and provincial towns, where the inhabitants set to work to cook delicious traditional dishes with that wisdom handed down from generation to generation.

3. Admire the foliage

We talked before about the harvest of the autumn nuts. Here, without a doubt, with a nice walk in the woods you can admire the beauty of the "foliage" the change in the colors of the leaves that are preparing to conclude their life cycle. Carpets of red, gold and orange colors cover our woods, but also our vineyards to indulge in the winter rest and be reborn luxuriantly in spring. Not only in the countryside, but also in the larger cities it is possible to witness this spectacle by taking a walk through the public parks and historic residences.

4. Visit a Thermal Bath

With the first cold weather arriving, the benefits of the thermal waters are a small luxury that should be allowed to prepare the skin for the winter and strengthen the immune system. Have you already read our article on the spas in the province of Siena? Click here.

5. Take a path on foot, on horseback or by bike

From the mountains to the coast, passing through the hinterland, from the Via Francigena to the Alberese Park, Tuscany is full of paths and paths that you can travel (avoiding the rain) on foot, on horseback or by bike (see the paths of 'Heroic). For amateurs there are many tourist guides specialized in this type of activity who will accompany you through more and less known routes. Otherwise let your spirit of adventure free and try your hand at the discovery of our territory!

Did you like our ideas? Do you have other suggestions on what to do in autumn in Tuscany?

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