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Beauty pills from our Spa Therapist  2

Beauty pills from our Spa Therapist

How to remove make-up quickly and correctly

We care about the well-being of our guests even when we cannot take care of them directly. That's why we decided to share some beauty tips with the help of our Spa Therapist, who with her beauty pills will suggest treatments to pamper you at home. Let's start with face!

Going to sleep with a properly clean face is important because at night our body rebuilds what was destroyed during the day.
If you have just returned from a long working day or a wonderful evening, the desire to remove make-up is not much, but it is necessary to do it for the protection of your skin.

To remove makeup quickly and easily you need 2 products: cleansing milk and tonic:

• If your age is between 16 and 25, I recommend our products from the BORGO SCOPETO line based on olive trees and sage;
• if you are over 25, it is advisable to start using products aimed at preventing oxidation of the skin also to remove make-up, such as the cleansing milk and tonic of our BELLAVITA IL CULTO line based on resvertrol, an antioxidant active ingredient that is very effective, usable in all seasons.

How to proceed

Emulsify the cleansing milk on the face as if it were a soap, focusing particularly on the eyes and mouth if you have used a lipstick and mascara.
Remove the cleansing milk with a face sponge or a white washcloth type towel soaked in warm water.
Rinse your face with warm water and pat it dry.
With a cotton pad soaked in tonic, lightly pass over the face, removing any residual cleansing milk. After this operation it will be sufficient to apply a cream suitable for your skin type.
For those aged between 16 and 25, our grape and cypress cream nourishes and repairs the skin without being too oily, avoiding making the skin oily. If you are over 25, we recommend a night cream from the BELLAVITA IL CULTO line based on resveratrol.
It is advisable to follow this procedure every evening, even if you are not wearing makeup (I also recommend to men) to remove all kinds of dirt from our face (smog, dust, etc ..)

Always have beautiful and healthy skin on your face so it's simple. Just follow these tricks and it will be like having just come out of a treatment at Borgo Scopeto Relax.

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