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Florentine steak - Chef Pietro Fortunati's secret to cook at perfection 2

Florentine steak - Chef Pietro Fortunati's secret to cook at perfection

It is the most famous cut of grilled meat in the world. If you think of Tuscan cuisine, it is one of the first dishes that comes to everyone's mind. It is the Florentine steak, or simply "Fiorentina". If you have ever wondered what its story is, today we will tell you and our Chef Pietro Fortunati will reveal the secret to cook at perfection.

The origins of the Florentine steak

Like many traditional Tuscan recipes, the Florentine steak also has ancient origins, in this case we are at the time of the Medici, between the 15th and 18th centuries. The Medici family used to celebrate the feast of San Lorenzo, co-patron of the city of Florence, on 10 August. For the occasion, large bonfires were lit in all the squares of the city and all the Florentine citizens gathered around these large pyres with huge braziers, which were filled with veal, offered by the Medici to the people for the occasion.

How it became famous around the world

Some English merchants who were in Florence on San Lorenzo's day tasted that meat roasted on braziers and found it so succulent and good that they started asking for more, shouting loudly: "Beef Steak!" Hence perhaps the origin of the name.

But what cut is it?

It is the classic steak on the bone in which there is both the fillet and the sirloin or rib, (if there is no fillet, it is not Florentine).

Perfect cooking according to the Chef

According to our Executive Chef Pietro Fortunati the cooking of the Fiorentina must be strictly rare. Obviously, the best cooking method is grilled with a high flame or in any case with a high heat intensity.
An alternative method for cooking at home is to put the steak in the oven at 70 degrees for at least 15/20 minutes so that the heart reaches a suitable temperature (because it must be rare but not cold) once it steak will be hot (do not worry if it is "boiled" on the outside) finish cooking on a previously heated cast iron grill, consider at least 6 min per side including the bone side (for a steak at least 1.3 kg high 6 cm) after cooking, let it rest for 5 minutes before cutting and serving. To cut the steak, place it on a cutting board standing on its bone and with a knife follow the bone and separate the sirloin and then the fillet, make slices about half a centimeter horizontally with respect to the length of the meat. Season everything with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper flakes. Accompany the steak with white beans ... and at the end it is recommended to eat all the meat close to the bone with your hands and moth, which is the most tender and best of all!

Wine pairing

The textbook pairing of the Florentine steak is with our Chianti Classico DOCG Borgo Scopeto, but it is also a winning combination with our Borgonero IGT Toscana wine.

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