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Why should you come on holiday in Chianti - Food, wine and hospitality 2

Why should you come on holiday in Chianti - Food, wine and hospitality

The current situation is not the best, the pandemic for more than a year now has forced us to review all our habits, especially that of traveling. Going on vacation now seems more like a dream than ever. But as they say, it costs nothing to dream!
So here are some ideas to fantasize about your next vacation; we explain why you should come on holiday in Chianti when we could travel again. In this first part we tell you about food, wine and hospitality.

Fine wines - if you say Chianti you mean Tuscany
It will seem obvious, we know it, but the first reason can only be to be able to taste fine wines and among them those historically well-known of the Chianti Classico. In fact, the Chianti region was the first wine-growing area to be legally protected by the Grand Duke of Tuscany Cosimo III in 1716, way before the appellations of origin of wine was founded.
The Chianti is undoubtedly the Italian wine that most identifies the territory. It is no coincidence that almost everywhere in the world, when you say the word Chianti you immediately think of Tuscany. The Chianti area is dotted with wineries that produce wine of the highest quality, from the most renowned producers to those less known, it is difficult to find wine that is not good. All of them offer wine tours and hospitality proposals to let the people know their products of excellence, which include not only wine, but also other highly refined products such as extra virgin olive oil, cured meats and cheeses. So go ahead with cellar tours and tastings to discover the area!

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Eat well…
Speaking of food and wine tastings, it is certain that wherever you go you will eat well. Throughout the Chianti area, in addition to classic Tuscan cuisine such as pici pasta or wild boar ragù, ribollita, cinta senese and pappa al pomodoro, you can find typical products exclusively from the Chianti region. From the famous meat of Chianina breed to cured meat such as salame, chiantigiano shoulder and zampone, to the famous Tonno del Chianti (wich means “tuna form Chianti”), an ancient recipe based on pork, preserved in olive oil as canned tuna.

…eat al fresco – breathtaking views
How not to mention the beautiful panoramic views of the Chianti hills! With its wonderful landscapes of vineyards, olive groves and wheat fields, eating al fresco will make every single meal special. Every season of the year has its own charm, from the bright green of the newly born wheat in spring or of the gold as far as the eye can see during the summer, to the colour spectacle of the grape leaves in autumn, to the calmness and stiness of the resting vines in winter time, before resuming their life cycle and giving birth to the next fruits. There are many restaurants and delis with breathtaking views. You just have to choose.

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Sincere hospitality
The people in Chianti are very friendly and warm, they are very keen to make you feel good and at home immediately. It is not the usual courtesy, but a sincere and authentic hospitality. To welcome tourists and foreigners is always a joy because here we pass on family traditions and we look for real friendships. It is not a surprise the fact that many return to these parts several times over the years.

Haven't we convinced you yet?

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