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Roccolo Genius Loci  2

Roccolo Genius Loci

Favourite spot of Borgo Scopeto Relais

Inside Borgo Scopeto Relais, along the path to the north that runs along the lavender fields and vineyards, there is a small enchanted world, our Roccolo. A beautiful seventeenth-century garden, a small labyrinth of ancient trees such as dwarf holm-oaks and dwarf oaks, the only specimen left in the area of the ancient practice of hunting birds now in disuse and prohibited. Today for us the Roccolo is a magical place, where past and present intertwine and coexist in perfect harmony, like the branches of its trees. This is why it represents the Genius Loci of Borgo Scopeto Relais, a symbol of our identity and favourite spot.

How it was made
The Roccolo was arranged in a circle, made like a labyrinth, was created by placing the trees in a pergola, in a circular shape, so as to be able to hide the nets below. In the area enclosed within it, bushes and trees, especially oaks, were planted and grown, low pruned, letting only the leaves grow on the top. In this way the birds, once attracted by the calls of the hunters, were no longer able to get out once they entered.

Not just hunting: Roccolo as a place for socializing
It is true, Roccolo's main function was to catch birds with nets; nevertheless it was not only a place for hunting, but also for socializing. Those who went to the Roccolo also did so to meet and have fun together with the other members of the community.
• There were those who, during the passage of migratory species, spent their nights preparing the place in the good company of their fellow hunters.
• There were those who showed off by displaying their refined botanical skills and their knowledge of poultry species, from the eating habits to the songs of individual species.

The Roccolo today – stunning location for weddings in Tuscany
The appearance of the Roccolo today is not so different from what it once was, a green architectural concept, with an impressive landscape value, which our gardeners carefully preserve, following very precise rules. Its idyllic setting today has a more spiritual vocation; it is in fact a very suitable setting for those looking for a quiet place to do some meditation, but it is above all a very suggestive and stunning location for weddings in Tuscany.

What about you, have you seen our Roccolo?
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