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Tips for relaxing at home as in a Spa 2

Tips for relaxing at home as in a Spa

It often happens that the hectic everyday life of work, commitments and family takes away all our energy and makes us neglect ourselves. However, it is important to regain control and make small gestures that make us feel good from time to time. It seems impossible, but it really doesn't take long; it only takes a few minutes a day. Here are the tips of our Spa Therapist to relax at home as in the Spa.

Quick relaxation technique

Choose a place where you feel comfortable lying down; on the bed, sofa or the floor for example. Try to relax the muscles of the body and also that of the face as much as possible, you must not feel contractions or resistance. Now place a hand on your navel and take slow, deep breaths with your belly (you have to feel the abdomen swell as you inhale and deflate when you exhale). Concentrate your thoughts only on these actions, on the air that enters the nostrils and expands to the abdomen and then comes out of the mouth, taking away everything inside, like a wave in the sea. Take this set of breaths for 5 minutes (or as long as you feel the need to).

An extra cuddle

You can perform this simple exercise while leave it on a face mask, such as the anti-aging grape seed mask we use at Borgo Scopeto Relax, or after applying a draining mud on the legs.

Extra tips

DIY decontracting remedy 

In the SPA Borgo Scopeto Relax a whole body treatment called "Tuscan Pindasweda" is made, based on salts and aromatic herbs which is then used in combination with a massage with hot olive oil and sage to increase the anti-inflammatory action. thus relaxing the muscles stressed by work and travel.
In case of localized pain and muscle tension such as stiff neck, which occurs especially in winter, and on subjects who work a lot of time on the computer, it is possible to replicate this treatment at home with simple ingredients and thus create a do-it-yourself decontracting.


There you have our Spa Therapist tips for relaxing at home as in the Spa. What do you think?

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