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What we eat at Easter in Tuscany 2

What we eat at Easter in Tuscany

Tour of Tuscany in 5 courses

Our doors have been open for a few weeks, and there is already an air of celebration, especially at the table! This year, finally, after the last two of the pandemic, we can celebrate Easter together.
But first let's explore our beloved Tuscan traditions a bit. Here's what we eat at Easter, let’s go around Tuscany in 5 courses.

Cheese pie, blessed eggs and capocollo

Called “ciaccia”, it is a savory pie typical of the south-east of the region, a leavened dough with the addition of cheese, usually aged pecorino or parmesan. Traditionally it is eaten for breakfast together with blessed hard-boiled eggs and seasoned pork neck.

Hen soup

Originally from central Tuscany, it is a hen broth enriched with vegetables and spices such as cloves and star anise. It is usually eaten with the shredded meat of the hen itself with the egg stracciatella (find the recipe here).

Lamb stew

Typical of the Maremman area of Monte Amiata. The lamb is cooked in small pieces in a very rich and tasty tomato sauce. It needs to be cooked slowly and over a low heat, thus making the lamb meat tender and the sauce rich in its flavors. It is served on toasted bread.

Pan di ramerino (Rosemary bread)

It is a dough of sweet bread with raisins and rosemary originally from Florence. The symbolism of the rosemary bread dates back to the Renaissance period, where rosemary had the ability to drive away evil spirits, while wheat and grapes represented life and communion. The typical cross incision as well as favoring the leavening referred to the main symbol of Christianity.

Easter Schiacciata (cake)

Originally from Siena, it is called so ‘’schiacciare” = “to crush” not for its shape, but because when it was invented in ancient times,during Easter, the housewives "crushed" many eggs to make it, and still today we use a great amount of eggs in relation to the flour used. It is a very simple dough but very rich and spicy thanks to the use of anise and Maraschino liqueur.

As always, simple recipes, but full of flavor! So there is our 5-course Tuscan Easter.

This year at Borgo Scopeto Wine & Country Relais our Chef Pietro Fortunati has designed a menu inspired by these traditional Tuscan dishes. If you are curious to taste them, come and spend Easter with us!

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