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Which books to read if you miss Tuscany 2

Which books to read if you miss Tuscany

How many times have you come back from a wonderful vacation and want to search for the emotions you felt in those moments? Looking at the photos you took with your camera or smart phone, looking for information about that place, or watching a movie or reading a book set in those locations. Today we want to recommend some readings, because reading helps the mind to travel and the memory not to forget. We suggest which books to read if you miss Tuscany. The ones we offer you, although they vary a lot in genre, from noir to novel, will immediately make you go back into the settings of this region, from the most famous cities, to the countryside with its unmistakable landscapes, of gentle and green hills with vineyards and olive groves, small stone villages, their churches and their inhabitants.

“Murder in Chianti (A Tuscan Mystery)” by Camilla Trinchieri - noir
Set in Chianti, in the fictional city of Gravigna, a former NYPD detective, Nico Doyle, mourning the loss of his wife, moves to her hometown hoping to find some peace. What he finds will be quite different ... a mysterious murder.

“Under the Tuscan Sun” by Frances Mayes - novel
The essence of Tuscany in an autobiographical novel, from which the 2003 namesake film, with Diane Lane, was based on. Frances, writer in crisis, leaves her country for Tuscany and falls in love with it. She decides to buy an old villa in the countryside and change her life. You will discover an unexpected world made of traditions, good food and wonderful people.

“A Thousand days in Tuscany” by Marlena de Blasi - memoir
This memoir is a confession of love for Tuscany, its countryside and its culinary tradition. It tells the story of the author who decides to move with her husband to a town in the province of Siena, where she will come into contact with the local culture through festivals and seasonal activities, such as grape and chestnut harvest and truffle hunting.

“Bella Figura” by Kamin Mohammadi
This is a book for those who have experienced the same emotions as the protagonist coming to Tuscany. Kamin moves to Florence to take a break from the stressful and unhappy life she had in London. Here she starts all over again, guided by her new Italian friends, who teach her to appreciate the little pleasures of life, from company, to food, to nature, to inner love.

So these are our suggestion for books to read if missing Tuscany.
And you, which books would you recommend reading?

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