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Anti-Covid mesures  3

Anti-Covid mesures

Stay safe

We have always been attentive to the safety and health of our guests and staff. Now more than ever we want you to feel protected and safe during your stay at Borgo Scopeto Wine & Country Relais . For this reason we have strengthened our safety, sanitation and cleaning procedures, to prevent the contagion and spread of the coronavirus, in the common areas of the hotel and in the rooms, in full compliance with the current regulations of the World Health Organization of the National Protocol. Safe welcome.

Staff Safety
Our staff follows the tasks and procedures established for common safety with efficiency and great responsibility:
• we check on daily basis the body temperature of our colleagues;
• all departments wear the protective mask constantly;
• all work environments and common areas are sanitized daily and several times a day, especially all surfaces and devices that are touched most frequently, such as elevator buttons and door and window handles.

Safety devices
As regards the safety devices, we have adopted the following measures:
• upon your arrival at the hotel, your body temperature will be measured and then you will be welcomed at the reception, respecting the safety distance;
• at the reception desk there is a protective plexiglass screen which is regularly sanitized;
• we have placed dispensers with hand sanitizing gel and special signs indicating compliance with anti-contagion measures both at the reception, in the common areas, and in the restaurant & bar.

Room and common areas cleaning services
To ensure healthy and safe environments, we implement the following precautions:

• The rooms and common areas are ventilated daily to allow constant air exchange.
• All environments, from rooms & suites to common areas, are cleaned and treated with certified anti-Covid and virucidal alcohol-based products, paying more attention to frequently used objects such as handles, telephones, switches, remote controls, coat hangers and televisions.
• The air conditioning filters are cleaned daily following the sanitization carried out before opening by a specialized external company.
• All linen is washed at high temperatures with special products that ensure the elimination of bacteria.

Restaurant and breakfast
To ensure all our guests a total safety stay and maintain a high standard of quality and service, we have reduced the capacity of the large rooms of our restaurant and increased the number of seats available outdoors, space the tables according to the regulations in force. In addition, to ensure greater attention to our guests, we offer breakfast at the table, included in the rate, with assisted buffet, which during the summer will be served on the terrace overlooking the panoramic garden of the restaurant.

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